Personalized Websites

To Fit Your Brand

The face of your brand

We work with you to create a website that truly represents your brand. That means robust functionality blended seamlessly with aesthetic appeal. And by using Wordpress, we make content editing and updates easy for anyone to do. That way as your brand grows, your website can too.

Putting your plan into action

A solid plan means quick and efficient implementation of your custom website design. We use WordPress to build your site because it is secure, speedy, and reliable — everything you want for a great website. It also means that your site will be totally accessible to you, because content like articles and pictures will be easy to change or add. We can even teach you how! And finally, it means we can deliver totally custom sites at a fair price.

The Latest Tech

SoughtAfter is a Toronto based Web Development company created by individuals with a passion for everything web. We have a varied and talented team with a diverse skill set. Keeping up with the new trends and technologies of the web world is our prime mandate, and we will bring that knowledge and passion to you.


Our Portfolio

Smart website design starts with a smart strategy, because you don’t just want a website, you want a website that has an impact. You want a website that people can find on Google. You want a website that people will remember. We conduct extensive research and competitive analysis when we design your site so you can attract new visitors and keep the ones you already have. So whether you are starting out on the web, or you need to revitalize your web presence due to low traffic or a decrease in your customer base, SoughtAfter will help you towards a successful future on the web.

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